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Choosing the right education for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

As parents, carers, or grandparents you have a choice - and the right - to offer your child the best education available.

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle proudly hosts some of the best schools in Newcastle, Maitland, the Hunter and Upper Hunter, Lake Macquarie and Manning regions.

Catholic schools offer a unique educational experience that forms the child or young person as a person of integrity, compassion, faith and wisdom. Catholic schools work closely with their local parish to enhance students' capacity to make sense of their world, make judgements, and recognise the uniqueness of others within a faith community.

Each school has a supportive community of teachers, parents, carers, Parents and Friends committees, clergy, parishioners and support staff who work together to focus on students; encouraging success, promoting discipline, supporting creativity and instilling compassion. This means that Catholic schools do not just teach Religious Studies, they seek to develop spirit, mind, body and character and cultivate Gospel values that support lives filled with joy, endeavour and hope in the future.

Each Catholic school has a commitment to focussing on each individual student’s ability, offering a unique array of educational, creative, sporting and formation opportunities for students.

Finally, Catholic schools offer peace of mind to parents; knowing they’ve made the right choice and the best investment for their child’s future. It is because of this and the many opportunities available to students that we believe choosing a Catholic education is the right choice to make.


Our Community

Together in Truth and Love

At Corpus Christi we are guided by our Dominican values of learning, community, prayer and service. Together the students, staff, parents, families, parishioners and friends form a bond that is far stronger than anyone of us on our own. Our school is ‘just like home’ and we are like ‘family’. In such places and when these things are felt strongly, great learning takes place. With a sense of unity and togetherness where everyone is valued, we strive to achieve our best in all that we do. Whether they are small steps or giant leaps, individually or as a group, within our school itself or across the local area; the community that works together, grows together and celebrates together.

Contemporary Learning Environment

Equipping Students for the Contemporary World

Learning or study is another one of our core values at Corpus Christi. However, what does learning look like in our world? What will it look like in the contemporary world our students will become adults in?

At Corpus Christi, we strive to build the skills necessary to adapt to an ever-changing world. The skills of creativity, communication, collaboration, flexibility, critical thinking and problem solving, often known as 21st Century skills, are embedded across all Key Learning Areas. While much will change, the skills that we equip our students for their world will not. The learning process is just as important as the product, and our goal is to build lifelong learners for the contemporary world.

Dedicated and Committed Staff

Excellence in Education for All

At Corpus Christi, our staff considers their role in the school a calling, driven by a passion for education and a belief in the wonderfully creative potential of the individual. We strive to nurture the development of students and assist them in reaching their full potential. Connection through relationships is vital, and our staff know the value of getting to know each student, their families and their story.

Our staff are dedicated professionals who work together to enhance student outcomes by working in professional learning teams. At the core of our work is excellence in education for all. Our teachers and support staff are skilled at differentiating learning at each student's point of need.

A Community of Faith

Reflecting the Face of God

We are a community of faith. We live our faith through prayer, action and service to others. It permeates our curriculum, relationships, sense of self as individuals and as a community, and interactions with the world around us.

We strive to reflect the Face of God in all that we do. St Dominic challenges us to walk and preach the word of God here on Earth, just as Jesus taught us. To act with love for all and seek to help those in need. Through purposeful action and service, we make our faith real, and through a community of prayer, we make our faith strong.