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Academic Competitions

ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools)

Families are able to nominate participation in a number of ICAS competitions each year including technology, science, mathematics, spelling, writing and reading. These competitions see students compete against other academically-minded members of their cohort from across the state.

Tournament of the Minds

Each year we participate in the Tournament of the Minds competition, which sees teams of students work collaboratively to solve a number of problems within their selected area of competition – English, Maths and Engineering.

Maths Competitions

Stage 3 students participate in the annual Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition, while nominated students are selected to participate in the Australian Maths Competition.

Debating/Public Speaking

Every year our students participate in school, regional and diocesan-based debating and public speaking competitions. These wonderful opportunities allow students to hone their skills of speaking to a large audience and activate their powers of persuasion.

Science Engineering Days

Corpus Christi participates in the University of Newcastle Science Engineering Days, which involves our Stage 3 students undertaking STEM challenges and competing for design points and ultimate awards on the day.


Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country Carnivals

The school holds a swimming carnival in Term 1 and both cross country and athletics carnivals in Term 2. Children who are 8 years and above and who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd then represent our school at the regional carnivals. After regional level, there are Diocesan, Polding and State level carnivals for those who excel in their events

Regional and Diocesan Sport Trials

Students in Years 4 to 6 are invited to nominate to trial for a number of representative team sports each year. Students can trial at school, Regional, Diocesan and Polding levels. The students are run through skills and mini-games to display their particular skills and if selected form a team at the next level of representation. Sports include Netball, Soccer, Rugby Union, AFL, Rugby League, Hockey, Tennis, Softball, Basketball and Touch Football.

Gala Days

Every year our school participates in a number of gala days where we enter as many teams as are interested to participate in round robin gala days. The aim of these days is experience and participation and we encourage everyone to get involved on a fun-filled day. Gala days include netball, soccer, rugby union, rugby league and cricket.

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Our choir meets every Wednesday and works toward performances at school liturgies and community visits to nursing home, hospitals and shopping centres.

Instrument Group

Each term our Music teacher works with different instrument groups, including guitar and more recently the Ukulele group.

Piano Lessons

We have a piano teacher onsite every Friday who delivers small group lessons, with an annual concert every Term 3.

Bi-Annual Concert

The whole school participates in a concert every two years, which highlights students’ music, dance and drama skills that are developed in the weekly specialist music lessons.

Lunch Clubs

Coding Workshops

2018 saw the launch of Term 2 specialist coding lessons for all classes. Together with the use of the school’s robotics resources, this has driven the beginning of a Coding Club that we hope to launch in full in 2019.

Inquisitive Minds Club

Our Gifted Education Mentor leads a lunchtime Inquisitives Minds Club that allows students to stretch their mind through strategic and problem solving board games and puzzles. These games are about strategy, not luck and depend on critical thinking, not the roll of the dice.

Chess Club

Corpus Christi enters teams into the regional chess competition and students work towards representing their school at their weekly chess club gatherings. One of the great benefits of this club is the peer tutoring we witness between the older students and those just learning.