Contemporary Learning

Equipping students for the Contemporary World

Corpus Christi is embarking on a strategic plan to prioritise Contemporary (21st century) Learning that connects students’ learning context and tools to the world they already know. We are deeply committed to providing education that reflects and models the contemporary world in which we live and prepares students for their place within it. The rate of change in technology and in society is so rapid that to prepare young people to live, work and be successful in the modern world, they will need the ability to think both creatively and critically, problem-solve and work collaboratively.

Education is no longer about just knowing. It is more about ways of thinking, ways of working, tools for working and skills for living in the modern world. While the traditional classroom of teacher-based instruction has merit, so too does the flexible learning spaces that enhance communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and inquiry-based learning. It is the balance of these learning spaces and opportunities that drive our focus at Corpus Christi.

student using computer