Corpus Christi Primary School is led by a teaching staff who continue to maintain a deep commitment to professional development and personal learning. We seek to provide a high quality education in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.


Mrs Julie Mulhearn    

Assistant Principal

Ms Katie McDermott 

Religious Education Coordinator

Mr David Treloar 

Clerical Assistant

 Mrs Vanessa Bamford

Teaching Staff

Mrs Margaret Shafren

Mrs Nicole Stojanovski

Mrs Maree Koen

Mrs Emma Conserdyne

Mrs Jenny Stamp

Mrs Lisa York

Mrs Kieran Deveridge

Mrs Jessica Kuterovac

Mrs Tracey Pois

Mrs Margaret-Mary Spencer

Mrs Jeanette Chapman

Mrs Leonie Norris

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Helen McGill

Mrs Margaret Robinson

Mrs Christine Moore 

Parish Priest

Rev Sabu Adimakiyil VC