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The Learning Hub at Corpus Christi is a vibrant area in the school. The interconnected space has a multitude of different learning environments. The carefully designed physical and digital spaces allows for various teaching styles to cater for diverse student research and learning.

Staff focus on catering for variety of student needs. Literacy programs and special events that occur throughout the year help to broaden student knowledge and assist them to engage with their learning. The Learning Hub enhances collaboration between staff and students to ensure that we cater for a broad curriculum focus aligned with the New South Wales Curriculum.

One aspect of our learning hub is the traditional Library space, which is well stocked and used for weekly borrowing by all students. Students also participate in formal lessons in the library/learning hub each Wednesday or Thursday. A specialist English teacher immerses students in the world of knowledge and literature, developing skills of research, information discernment and understanding different forms of literature.

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