Wellbeing Links and Activities


Dear Parents and Care givers,

I have put together a list of my favourite well-being and mindfulness activities for you and your children to do at home if you wish. These activities can be used when either you or your child needs a break or even when you just need a moment to breathe and re-centre yourselves.

The activities I have selected are very home friendly, quick and simple, that can have a positive impact on your daily lives.

It is a chaotic world we are living in right now. Therefore, it is the time to look after our well-being and our loved ones.

I hope you find these ideas helpful for you and your family throughout these difficult times. Please remember to take care of your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your loved ones first.

I would love to see any photos of the activities so please feel free to send some pictures or if you have any questions you can contact me via email sophie.king1@mn.catholic.edu.au

Take care, Sophie King



Mindfulness Colouring In: As simple as it sounds, Mindfulness Colouring In is extremely effective. I believe it gives the brain and mind a break with just one focus to colour all those little dots blue and all those swirly shapes can be purple. Put on some of your favourite music in the background and it becomes a fun relaxing activity.
*TIP: in google images type the American spelling of ‘color’. You get a lot more hits*


54321 Grounding: This exercise is about going through all your senses. It can be used when your child needs help to calm down and is feeling overwhelmed. First, we begin with sight.
Sight- what are 5 things you can see?
Touch- what are 4 things you can touch?
Hear- what are 3 things you can hear?

Smell- what are 2 things you can smell?

Taste- what is the 1 thing you can taste? OR 1 positive thing about yourself?

Drawing Emotions click on picture for instructions


gratitude1.jpgGratitude Journal

A simple and easy way to begin the day on a positive note is to create a ‘Gratitude Journal’. Every morning while you are eating breakfast or beginning the morning lesson ask, “what is one thing you are grateful for today?”. This can be done in a section in the child’s own diary or the template I will place below.

Strength Tree

An easy and creative way to boost your child’s self-esteem can be done through drawing a strength Tree. This activity is a great way to reinforce strengths and positive coping. Use a large sheet of paper and lay your hand on the paper, fingers spread, with part of your arm on the paper as well. Trace your arm and hand leaving the tips of the fingers open. This will become the base of your tree- your arm is the trunk of the tree and the fingers are the beginning of the branches. At the end of the open fingertips, draw some more branches to extend the drawing and then draw leaves, making them large enough that you can write in each one. On each leaf write one thing that helps you get through difficult times. This may include personal strengths, coping strategies, enjoyable activities and supportive people.


Chatterbox - click on picture for instructions


Stress Ball click on picture for instructions

Blooming Flower click on picture for instructions

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