Whole School Liturgies and Catholic Identity

Dear Parents,


Let’s stay together, at a distance!   

Families can now perhaps more purposefully than ever, participate in the richness of our Catholic identity. As a school, we will be offering a range of engaging and collaborative Religious opportunities over the coming weeks. We hope this will enable your family to feel connected and inspired, during this pandemic period, and hopefully beyond!

Starting these family rituals now can have a lasting effect on children’s faith development for years to come. In some cases, families may be relying on us to form students Religious beliefs, but now is an opportunity to fully engage in activities as a family.  This may be as simple as praying together at certain times of the day or examining and discussing moral issues. You may wish to try looking at special events we would celebrate at school, such as Easter and Anzac Day. We will offer some ideas on our Home Learning website and encourage families to share and enjoy time together. This could include celebrating special occasions with themed art & craft, reflection time with videos, helping someone in need, or any other way you can incorporate Catholic education into your daily lives.