Welcome to the Homework Platform at Corpus Christi Waratah

Welcome to the world of Homework Platform. Each link will provide parents and and students updated access to the current homework expectations and, if applicable, the specific tasks that are currently assigned.  Below the links are excerpts from the school's homework policy. 

The class pages attached to the Home Learning Menu provide the links to current homework expectations for each class. If available the actual homework will be posted onto the page for parents access and reference. Some classes may provide worksheets/books from the classroom so their page may just outline that routine. Other classes, especially the older ones, may post the Homework Matrix onto the page and more importantly post any larger research projects or independent tasks to be completed at home. These provide a great reference for parents and student to ensure they remain on the right track in completing these home tasks and  may include marking/ success criteria or a complete example of what is expected. PDF links will also proved the worksheets needed to complete the learning . THer may even be links to videos of our wonderful teachers explicitly teaching and unpacking the tasks that is currenlty assigned. 

Our aim is that these pages equip the students and adults in clear expectations with homework as well as the tools to meet these expectations with confidence and increasing independence. 

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Excerpts from the school homework policy and procedures documents

The role of Homework in equipping students for the contemporary world through excellence in education for all:

  • Homework empowers parents as the first educators of the child by providing a platform to continue, extend and direct learning children are engage with at school.
  • Homework is a direct link to the educational partnership between school and the home.
  • Homework represents the extensions of learning beyond the classroom, modelling the principles of lifelong learning.
  • Provide opportunities for the continued development of a positive attitude towards learning. 

The need for homework to be adaptive to family life, routines and expectations.

  • Homework represents a commitment to the learning of each child but can take a number of different forms and across a number of different pursuits
  • Homework is only one afternoon activity available to children across the week, all of which contribute to positive life-long learning habits.
  • Homework should provide opportunities for choice or scaffolding of tasks to cater for individual learning styles.
  • Homework is aimed for students to engage with independently and should not represent a strain to family relationships and wellbeing.
  • The home and the school are in direct partnership in the support and promotion of excellence in education for all. 
  • Corpus Christi has set down the following recommendations for homework.

Consistent K-6 Core School Expectations


Minimum Daily commitment to Homework

Mandated Inclusions

Early Stage 1, Stage 1

15 minutes

Reading, Mathematics

Stage 2

20 minutes

Reading, Mathematics

Stage 3

30 minutes

Reading, Mathematics

Types of Homework

Each classroom teacher shall determine the type and nature of the homework tasks for their class. The four main types of homework that might be set for students at Corpus Christi K-6 are:

  • Practice Homework - providing students with opportunities to apply knowledge; or to review, revise and reinforce newly acquired skills in literacy and numeracy appropriate to grade level. These tasks may include reading, spelling, number sense and multiplication facts. This encompasses the compulsory inclusions of Reading and Maths mentioned previously in this policy.
  • Connecting Homework – providing opportunities for students to self-select a homework task which connects with the current learning being undertaken in class. These tasks (often appearing on a matrix) may incorporate learning opportunities involving a variety of learning styles, so that students can select the task/tasks they are motivated to complete.
  • Assignment Homework - encouraging students to pursue knowledge and learning individually and imaginatively. These assignments can be from any Key Learning Area eg. Speeches for Talking and Listening; Design and Make tasks from Science; Research presentations for HSIE-- more suited to older years, when marking criteria is explicit, this also prepares the senior students for assignment work in High School.
  • Life Skills Homework - providing opportunities to acknowledge the educational value of time spent with family, religious activities, building new friendships, doing chores, learning new skills and in extra-curricular activities so that students see that both home and school value such learning.